system: WINNT
languages: english, русский
file size: ~2.0mb
download: utbox.exe

USETOOLS BLACKBOX (UTBOX) is powerful system gui shell for WINDOWS.

UTBOX can be used as real full-featured replacement of default WINDOWS system gui shell – WINDOWS EXPLORER.
it covers all basic EXPLORER’s functions and components: taskbar, system tray, start menu, right click menu, etc.
and the most important thing that utbox adds its own unique functionality, fast and smart features, sharp and pretty interface solutions.
by disabling EXPLORER as a default system gui shell (but EXPLORER still can be used in common way as file manager, WINDOWS skinning engine, etc.) WINDOWS operating system begins absolutely new life…
in that new life system gets all mentioned above functional and visual advantages, general performance increasement and simply more free memory (ram) for your applications. UTBOX is based on BBCLEAN and it is one of official BLACKBOX packages.
to say in short the main USETOOLS BLACKBOX idea is extremely fast, smart, tiny, universal and free system gui shell for WINNT platform with more usability features and stability of working than default shell has.

UTBOX advantages:

  • freeware and opensource software;
  • tiny (about 2mb installer and 3mb on hard disk drive);
  • extremly fast and consumes low hardware system resources (>2mb of ram and >10mb of paging file);
  • runs on any modern 32-bit WINNT-compatible system kernel (XP, 2003, VISTA, 7);
  • shell with EXPLORER’s functions and additional advantages;
  • file manager and system control toolset;
  • can be configured, customized and repacked by yourself;
  • has own visual styles made by USETOOLS team (compatible with original BLACKBOX);
  • bug reporting and feature requests are welcome! mailto:

UTBOX is packed into special hi-compressed 7ZIP installer with the following features:

  • small package size and fast setup process (less than 1 minute);
  • all required components are included, no need to download smth else;
  • screen resolution (video mode) and other system parameters auto-detection, no need to configure;
  • ability to set UTBOX with chosen language or EXPLORER as system shell via graphical menu at startup.

UTBOX installation notes:

  • to work correctly and properly UTBOX must be installed by using of UTBOX installer executable;
  • in case of the first UTBOX installation system should be restarted once for applying new fonts;
  • UTBOX shell can be disabled and original WINDOWS EXPLORER shell used via start menu or command line.

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