system: WINNT
language: english, русский
filesize: ~12mb
download (portable): ufirefox-en.7z

UFIREFOX – MOZILLA FIREFOX web browser pack with extensions and addons inside,
completly customized by USETOOLS project team for providing better defaults.

UFIREFOX is free software package for safe, clean and sharp web browsing.
UFIREFOX has optimization tweaks that make it extremly fast but stable.
UFIREFOX has balanced set of preconfigured extensions that make it useful and smart.

basic UFIREFOX features:

  • balanced, useful and effective user graphical interface – high level of functionality inside minimalistic design (PERSONAL MENU, FFCHROME, ORGANIZE STATUS BAR, CURRENT SITE SEARCH);
  • soft colors palette with high-contrast elements of interface – great ergonomics built for working with pleasure (FIREFOX 2 THEME RELOADED, COLORFULTABS, CUTEMENUS);
  • powerful bookmark management with storing locally (link pad, smart bookmarks bar) and online (gmarks);
  • file downloading: enhanced file saving with colorful and informative indication in status bar (download statusbar),    multi-threaded downloading via full-featured download manager (downthemall!), accelerated downloads from the most popular file sharing services (skipscreen);
  • set of laconic but operative and informative status bar instruments (external ip, flagfox, organize status bar);
  • blocking of unwanted advertising stuff and dangerous web content (adblock plus, element hiding helper);
  • alternative web pages viewing capabilities with using of ie inside FIREFOX (ie tab);
  • additional tools for advanced users (MR TECH TOOLKIT, ADBLOCK PLUS) and web-programmers (FIREBUG);
  • and much more included and thoughtfully preconfigured things to make everyday web browsing safe, clean and sharp.

extensions included, customized and used in UFIREFOX: ufirefox extensions set

if you noticed some bugs or have great ideas how to make UFIREFOX pack a little or much more better
please share this information with us!

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