system: windows xp, 2003
language: english
filesize: ~20mb
download: resource.exe

usetools re-source addon pack is neat windows gui shell enhancement package.
it is based on the chosen free of charge but high quality resources and it is aimed to make default windows graphical and console users interfaces more nice, pleasent and smart.

usetools re-source addon pack includes the following set of components:

  • visual styles (msstyles collection ~50);
  • mouse cursor schemes (bbx, xsx, xfree/ubuntu, hover, noir, entis mini, x11);
  • truetype fonts (trutype fonts including andale mono, droid sans, gost, profont, etc);
  • screensavers (opengl, direct3d and software windows screensavers);
  • wallpapers (desktop wallpapers from different design studios);
  • themes (which are based on mentioned above gui resources);
  • uxtheme library update;
  • madcmd tweakset (windows console visual tune-up).

useful installation notes.
usetools re-source addon pack installation is fast and completly automated.
after installation process is finished it is highly recommended to reboot your machine immediately.
than your can choose one of the newly added themes in corresponding start menu program group or via screen control applet.
if you are owner of tft lcd and it seems to you that happaned something wrong with fonts please turn off true type fonts smoothing via screen control applet.
if you noticed some bugs or have great ideas how to make usetools re-source addon pack a little or much more better please share this information with us:

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