system: winnt 32bit
language: english
filesize: ~20mb
download: fastpack.exe

usetools f.a.s.t. pack is fast and smart software tools package.
all of fast and smart tools are the chosen ones by powerful freelancing system administration and support service experience. all of them are included in single universal software package like the minimal but high effective allowance of ammunition for:

  • antiviral and security tasks management;
  • processes, services, libraries and drivers total control;
  • hardware and software system information logging, monitoring and audit;
  • working with filesystem via gui or console file managers, search tools;
  • network administration, monitoring and remote desktop supporting;
  • system registry and file system clean-up and optimization;
  • system tweakers for increasing perfomance or settings customizing;
  • hard disk drive surgery for backup, imaging, restore and data recovery;
  • and more tasks that can be completed in fast and smart way.

usetools f.a.s.t. pack uses minimal disk space, it has minimal setup time and doesnt need external sdk or libraries.
the most of software applications included are portable and preconfigured by usetools team for providing better defaults.

all of software applications and components included in package are free of charge for non-commercial usage and have no distribution limitations.
if you noticed some bugs or have great ideas how to make usetools f.a.s.t. pack a little or much more better please share this information with us:

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