system: windows xp, 2003
language: english
filesize: ~1.5mb
download: genericdrv.exe

usetools generic drivers is universal multiple drivers package containing hardware device drivers without useless additional software components like bloated installation programs, useless executables that usually added to system startup as system tray helpers, updaters, reminders, etc.
usetools generic drivers package is powered by driver auto-installation script-toolset that allows to choose hardware device type, scan system for hardware that is currently present but not installed yet and install necessary drivers.

usetools generic drivers pack supports the following hardware devices.

  • mainboard chipsets: intel, via, nvidia (nforce), ati/amd, sis, ali, etc. additionally card-readers drivers are included.
  • graphics adapters: intel, nvidia (tnt, geforce, quadro), ati (rage, firegl, radeon), matrox (g, me, parphelia), s3/via (trio, savage, chrome),  sis, trident, etc. additionally virtualbox xvm video driver and universal vbe miniport driver are included.
  • sound cards: creative (kx), realtek, via, sigmatel, ess, adi soundmax, ali, yamaha, etc.
  • network adapters (ethernet/wifi): intel, via, 3com, d-link, agere, atheros, broadcom, marvell, nvidia, realtek, sis, texas, uli, etc. additionally bluetooth adapters are included.

if usetools generic drivers pack didn’t work for you or you couldn’t setup some hardware devices by using of this drivers package please let us know your device manufacturer and model by sending information message to
if you dont know your hardware device manufacturer and model number clear this out by using usetools f.a.s.t. pack.
if you know the name of the device but can not find driver give a chance to device drivers serch engine located here

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