usetools is powered by stand alone free software packages with preconfigured and high customized applications for providing better defaults. these better defaults are system and users configuration settings made to rich the balance between maximum possible perfomance, stability of working, universalism and useful functionality for various users. usetools packs include high quality software applications (,, mozilla foundation, sun, novell,, etc.) preconfigured, tuned-up, optimized, tweaked and packed by usetools project team with using of powerful software tools by, nirsoft, etc.

the prime advantages of usetools pack:

  • free, useful and high quality software application(s);
  • preconfigured and high customized for providing better defaults;
  • inside fast installation package with minimal possible size;
  • unique development path road;
  • with the main aim of becoming more useful and better;
  • combining universalism, stability and innovations.

please note: all software applications and components included or used for usetools packs creation have free and/or open software licences without distribution limitations. thus feel free to download any of usetools packs or them all because all of them are free of charge and useful ones. please keep in mind that usetools project provides free software packages without any warranty but with best wishes. usetools packs never contain bloated software, trash/harmful/dangerous stuff, never add useless startup items like helpers, autoupdaters, reminders and so on. these packs are built with the main rule to provide all really necessary bytes inside fast installation package with minimal possible size.

all of the new features and bug fixes usetools packs get due to usetools project team developers and audience of users, system administrators and integrators. thus you may take part in project by installing, using tools in packs and sending your questions, bug reports or feature requests in free form to mail at usetools dot net. your feedbacks are allways welcome and could make a great thing for project. on the other hand you may influence on the direction and velocity of development for getting better and more convenient software applications packages for you and for everybody. have a nice day and stay tuned.